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Server Rules
« on: August 30, 2014, 03:17:34 AM »
Server rules
This topic contains an explaination of rules that apply to the Sky-City VC:MP server.
Please take a minute to read these properly, players failing to follow these rules will be punished.
The server rules can be read in-game and on IRC by executing the command !rules.
When reporting other players breaking one or more of these rules, please consider using discreet command /c report or report the player on the forums providing plenty of evidence.

Hacking/using cheats
It is NOT allowed to use any game modifications or game altering programs that give you advantage over other players.
Only graphical modifications that do not give you any advantage are considered permitted.
Players caught using any kind of illegal hack will be banned from the server and any purchased items will be restored.

It is allowed to use certain glitches in the server as it is considered part of the gameplay.
However, the following glitches are exceptions we do NOT consider fair-play;
  • Wallglitching
  • Shooting through objects with the intention to cause players being unable to hit you is stricly forbidden.
  • Slideglitch
  • Intentional use of the slide-glitch where a player would simultaneously move and shoot with a weapon originally not made to do so with is forbidden.
  • Rocketglitch
  • Making rockets invisible to you when firing a rocket launcher causing damage to other players but yourself is forbidden.

    It is NOT allowed to continuously kill a player at a spawning place making the player unable to spawn.

    It is NOT allowed to kill team-mates, these can be identified by the same team color blip and nickname color as you.
    Doing so will automatically get you a penalty, where three strikes result in being kicked from the server.

    It is NOT allowed to spam the chatbox nor forums, neither is it allowed to promote any other servers than Sky-City.
    Doing so will automatically get you muted, where multiple strikes result in being kicked from the server.

    Stats padding is where two or more players agree to kill each other several times in a row without any resistance, to either gain money easily, increase player statistics or exploit the server's killing spree system.
    Players caught doing this will be punished and money they gained will be taken away.

    Weapon restricted areas
    It is NOT allowed to kill players at weapon restricted areas, these are specific areas where players are safe from combat either to exchange money or goods safely.
    These areas are marked by a highlighted text indicating that your weapons have been disabled.
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